Do you know that there are around 70% herpes patients who do not know that they have herpes?  This is because herpes symptoms are different from person to person. Some people do not experience any kind of herpes symptoms or outbreaks throughout their life but that doesn’t mean they do not have herpes.

Sometimes, herpes lives dormant in your nerve cells without showing any symptoms. The question that arises, how can someone get to know that he/she has herpes? Well, if you are experiencing cold sores, blisters, itching and redness on your mouth, lips and in genital parts of the body, you can be a victim of herpes and you should take a herpes test soon. The good news is that there are the number of herpes tests which can help you in finding whether you have herpes or not? IGG herpes test is one of them.

IGG herpes tests are one of the types of blood tests for herpes simplex virus. Is IGG herpes test reliable? Well, today we are here to solve out your confusion regarding herpes tests. There are number of herpes tests available now such as STD test, blood test and culture test but it is difficult to find which one is reliable.

When an individual is infected with herpes, his/her immune system develops antibodies to fight the virus IGG and IGM. The blood tests are actually done to look for these antibodies, as the virus itself cannot be found in the blood.

Herpes blood tests look for the body’s immune reactions to a herpes infection. They do not search directly for the virus because the immune reaction takes time to develop after the time of infection, it is not immediately detectable. So, it is recommended that if you have herpes symptoms, visit your doctor soon and do not wait for the immune system to respond. IGG herpes tests can be more accurate, if the sores are tested quickly enough.

Which test is reliable – IGM or IGG?

igg test herpesIGM blood test can show negative results for people who have recently got herpes. Thus, IGM test can be often lead to deceptive results, this test is not recommended. The only reliable blood test is IGG herpes test. This test can distinguish between herpes 1 and herpes 2 antibodies. It is found that all other herpes tests can give you false results and not able to tell whether you have HSV 1 or HSV 2.

The time that is taken by the IGG bodies to reach the detectable levels may vary from person to person. In some cases, the test may be detected for months, while in others, it might take a few months to get detected.

How does an IGG herpes test work

When a person becomes infected, the immune system tries to fight off the infection. This process includes the production of antibodies. These proteins are specific for each infection they are fighting. Herpes IGM does not show up until slightly later after initial infection. A positive herpes IGG test, if the results are accurate means that your body has been infected with the herpes simplex virus. Well, sometimes IGG herpes test can also give you false results but this happens in rare cases.

If you are experiencing herpes symptoms, you can check through IGG herpes test. It will tell you whether you have herpes or not and if yes, which type of infection you have. If your result comes positive, you should start the herpes treatment fast. For more accuracy you can consult your doctor. He will prescribe you the best results.

Being diagnosed with herpes is a very painful moment, but what to do if are a victim of it. Click here to know about various methods of cure for herpes.

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