How to deal with the positive herpes tests

Useful Information About Herpes

Having herpes is the worst situation one can ever experience. Most people with oral and genital herpes start showing symptoms within two or three weeks of exposure to the virus. Majority of people with herpes will never have symptoms at all. That does not mean they can’t transmit the herpes virus. It is highly contagious and if you are infected with this virus, it can easily transmit to your partner.Herpes Infection2

Herpes tests are done to find the herpes simplex virus in your body. There are lots of options available for herpes test such as DNA test, STD test, viral culture test and blood test. Even if herpes tests are not perfect, they are often the only way to know if you are infected or not. There is no way to tell a person is infected until he/she tests positive.

For people who have active herpes lesions, a DNA test can provide you most accurate results. If a person has no symptoms, a herpes blood test can be done to detect herpes antibodies. If the symptoms are present, it is very easy for a doctor to diagnose a herpes infection. He can either simply examine the outbreaks or swab the sores for the presence of herpes virus. It is always possible for a test to give inaccurate results.

Required Blood Test For Herpes

There are few things you need to know about blood testing before you have it. There is no blood test that can tell you immediately about the results of herpes infection. There is only one reliable type of blood test for herpes antibodies called type specific lgG. This test can distinguish between HSV1 and HSV2. A positive lgG to herpes does not tell you when you acquired this infection. It only tells you that at some point in time, you acquired the herpes virus.

How to Prevent Herpes Infection From Spreading?

herpes partnersIf you get positive result for herpes, that does not mean end up of your life. You need some patience and find right treatment option as soon as possible. If you have herpes, you would not wish anyone else to have it. You should be more careful and only date the people who are negative for both HSV1 and HSV2. A person who has known genital herpes who wishes to reduce the risk of transmitting the infection to their sexual partner, need to take some antiviral medications or try herbal remedies to prevent the frequent herpes outbreaks.

Prevention is better than cure. So, you need to take some preventive steps such as change in diet and lifestyle for saving you from the annoying symptoms of herpes. Natural remedies are effective enough to control the symptoms of herpes and provide you relief from the pain. You need to maintain a proper hygiene, eat fiber and lysine rich foods that help you to fight against the infection. A sound immune system will help you a lot in fighting against any kind of diseases. With the help of different types of herpes treatment options, you can easily manage the symptoms of herpes virus.

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