A Holistic Approach For Herpes Treatment

How Herpes Spread?

Herpes sometimes called as Herpes Simplex is a family of virus that mostly affects your skin. This is a virus that has been spreaded all across the world and almost 80-90% people across the globe have already been affected with the virus. Most of the people think that this is a rare infection and Why they wehow herpes spreadre affected by the virus. But that is not true. As above mentioned almost more than half of the global population have already been affected by this virus and it is likely to rise at an alarming rate in upcoming decades. There are two type of herpes virus in same family. Actually These virus are often associated with skin infection. These virus are known to affect different part of your skin. The type one virus that is also called as Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and often abbreviated as HSV-1 is a virus of herpes simplex family. This virus is known to affect your mouth skin and its surrounding area. Type one virus is generally accountable for infection related to mouth skin but it can also affect your genitals. As this infections is contagious, so anyone who is contaminated with the virus can infect you as well. sharing utensils with contaminatedperson, kissing, cuddling may lead these virus to elaborate and it often causes outbreak of this virus. Although you have been infected with this virus but it doesn’t mean that symptoms of this virus will arise on your skin surely. Its a gradual process that takes time to be seen physically. In some cases symptoms of this virus can be seen in as early as 5 to 6 days and in some cases symptoms of this virus can’t be seen for your whole life whereas you have been infected with this virus when you were a toddler. If once these symptoms have arisen in you then it may come again and again. Symptoms of this virus are cold sores, painful blisters and pustules, painful lesions, redness on the skin, itching and eczema. These symptoms can be irritating and often bring lots of trouble with it. People who are infected with this virus often gets deep inferiority complex and negatively impacts your psychological state of mind. Another kind of virus in this family group is Herpes Simplex Virus 2 often abbreviated as HSV-2. This virus is known to affect your genital part of your body but as like the type 1 virus, this virus can also affect your mouth skin. This virus can elaborate itself if you will have unprotected sex, being feminine, if you will have multiple sex partner, cuddling. As like type 1 virus this is also a contagious virus. So getting in contact with a contaminated person may affect your skin. Although there is no cure available for this virus but there are so many medications as well as holistic treatment available to cure these virus.

Herpes Breakthrough remedies

Treatment Possibilities For Herpes

We are going to talk about some of these treatment options. There are prescribed medications available for this virus that help cure your virtreatment and cure for herpesus partially but they bring some side effects as well, plus you will have to run after a dermatologist, it is time wasting option and it needs money as well. So it is better for you to go for holistic treatment option rather than going for synthetic treatment option. It is a treatment option that has always been a safe treatment option, it doesn’t has any side effect, its not a time wasting option as you can perform it at home. You can use honey that is one of the best treatment option for herpes. Honey has been used for thousands of years in different infections as well as diseases. It is blessed with antibiotic, antiviral and antiseptic attribute that help your herpes to be cured in no time. Baking soda also works as drying agent when it comes to dry out any lesion or blisters. Aloe vera is also a treatment option or herpes. No one can deny the benefits of aloe vera when it comes to treating skin. It is a universal fact that no other ingredient is as better as aloe vera that helps in almost all skin infection plus it can also be used for beauty product.

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